Powers of Police Auxiliary

Governor's Proclamation Directive No. 28 grants:

  • 1. During any emergency, as defined in Chapter 251 of the Laws of 1942, as amended and supplemented, or during any practice, drill or activity in preparation for such emergency duly authorized by the State Civilian Defense Director, the auxiliary police of duly authorized municipal civilian defense organization in this State shall have the power to enforce all laws made or to be made for the conservation of the peace, for the good government and protection of the citizens and inhabitants of this state, to apprehend offenders againts such laws, and for the purpose of preserving the public peace and preventing or quelling public distrubances shall have all the powers of peace officers, police officers and constables.

  • 2. The auxiliary police may be attached to the local police force for the purpose of training. During such period of training such auxiliary police shall have all the powers of peace officers, police officers and constables except as may otherwise be prescribed by such municipality.

  • 3. Each auxiliary police officer, before assuming the duties of his office, shall take and subsribe to the oaths required by Chapter 1 of the Title 'Oaths and Affidavits' of the Revised Statues (R.S. 41:1-1 et seq.), which oaths shall be filed with the clerk of the municipality in which each such officer resides.

  • 4. Auxiliary police officers in good faith carrying out, complying with, or attempting to comply with rules and regulations made and promulgated herin or pursuant hereto, or performing any authorized service in connection therewith, shall have and possess all the rights, privieges and immunities conferred upon civilian defense volunteers by the laws of this State.

    Directive No. 98:

  • 2.1 During on-the-job training, auxiliary police officers shall be under the direction of the Chief of Police of their municipality. They shall be subject to the rules, regulations and disciplinary requirements of the municipal police department.

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